My Sony Printer is Broken

If your Sony printer has been causing problems lately, you’ve probably considered replacing it with a new one. And with the low price of printers nowadays, it’s often more cost-effective to just buy a new one. But before you trek to the closest Best Buy, you may want to reflect on the following Sony printer fix-it tips.

Is it a Simple Fix or Something More?

Before replacing your troublesome Sony printer, consider the printer issues you’re having and whether or not you can fix them yourself. Simple issues like damaged print heads or recurrent paper jams often do not require professional assistance. If, however, your printer’s roller is worn-out or you keep getting an unknown error message, you may need to consult a Sony professional.

The best way to avoid common printer issues is to take proper care of your printer. For instance, print test pages every couple of weeks to keep your printer cartridges in working order and gently close and open your printer’s trays or lid. You can also reduce the prevalence of paper jams by never printing on torn or wrinkled paper.

Has your Sony Warranty Expired?

Another question you should ask yourself before throwing out your old Sony printer is: How old is the printer? If your printer is several years old AND the repairs will cost more than 50 dollars, you may want to just buy a new one. If the printer is still under warranty, however, bring it to a professional and get it repaired for free. If they cannot fix the printer, you’ll most likely get a replacement for free.

Don’t Forget to Recycle!

If it turns out that your printer is unable to be repaired, be sure to recycle it instead of simply throwing it in the garbage. If everyone recycled their old electronics, it would reduce the pollution and carbon emissions that negatively affect our planet. Keep in mind that many electronics stores offer recycling services and also allow customers to trade their used Sony printers for a discount on a new one.

Just like it’s important for consumers to recycle their used Sony printers, it’s also important to recycle Sony printer cartridges. Every year, almost a billion printer cartridges are used in the United States alone. However, only a small percentage of these cartridges are recycled. This results in tons of superfluous waste that could easily be avoided.

To reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment, recycle all used printers and Sony printer cartridges. Also be sure to purchase remanufactured Sony printer cartridges from a discount supplier. Remanufactured printer cartridges are eco-friendly and cost half the price of the OEM cartridges you’d purchase at an office supply store.